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03.31.2017 Resumes & Interviewing: Tips to Standout in a Competitive Market
When you're pursuing your dream job, never forget that others may be applying for the same positions. Join Stith Keiser, DVM, this Sunday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET to learn how to make yourself stand out in the pile.

Message Boards 3 is on BETA.vin.com!
The new mobile-friendly Boards 3 on BETA.vin.com has many VINner-requested features!

Tax Season is Upon Us
Need a summary of your 2016 VIN Community membership and related fees for tax purposes? Click on MyVIN in the main navigation bar (near the top of the page) to try the quick and easy Membership Statement tool.

NEWS THAT'S FIT TO CLICK, reported for YOU...

VIN Rounds
Sunday, April 2 - 9 p.m. ET
(Monday, April 3 - 1 a.m. GMT)
Join Stith Keiser, DVM, for Resumes & Interviewing: Tips to Standout in a Competitive Market.
*This session will feature audio. Take the readiness test before attending.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Review 2017
April 26 - May 20, 2017
Presenter(s): Heather Lindell, PharmD, BSPh, RPh, DICVP, FSVHP

Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner, Module 1
May 29 - July 6, 2017
Presenter(s): Steve Holmstrom, DVM, DAVDC

03.28.2017 Learn About VINx & eVetSites at AAHA 2017
If you are attending AAHA in Nashville, TN, March 30 - April 2 be sure to stop by the VINx and eVetSites booth (#558) in the exhibit hall.

Share Your Thoughts on the VINner's Oath
You are probably familiar with the VIN Ten Commandments, VIN’s promise to VINners and to the veterinary profession. But, did you know that a set of promises from VINners to each other and the Community is under development?

NEWS THAT'S FIT TO CLICK, reported for YOU...

VIN Rounds
Sunday, April 2 - 9 p.m. ET
(Monday, April 3 - 1 a.m. GMT)
Join Stith Keiser, DVM, for Resumes & Interviewing: Tips to Standout in a Competitive Market.
*This session will feature audio. Take the readiness test before attending.

Successful Practice Transition and Ownership Module 1
April 12 - 29, 2017
Presenter(s): Thom Haig, DVM; Edward J. Guiducci, JD; Michael Porrello, CPA, CVA

When the Bite is Worse than the Bark - Canine Aggression Directed Toward Humans
July 31 - September 8, 2017
Presenter(s): Debbie Calnon, BSc BVMS MANZCVSc(Animal Behaviour) DVET-P CertIVTC DTAA; Kersti Seksel, BVSc (Hons), MRCVS, MA (Hons), FANCVS (Animal Behavior), DACVB, DECAWBM, FAVA
March 22 - April 15, 2017

03.31.2017: Resume & Interviewing Tips
03.28.2017: Learn About VINx and eVetSites
03.24.2017: When Good Birds Get into Bad Things
03.21.2017: Endocrinology Specialty Center
03.17.2017: Drug Compounding: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
03.14.2017: The Critical Bird
03.10.2017: How to Find the Therapist Who is Right for You
03.07.2017: Pandora Syndrome (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis)
03.03.2017: Perioperative Fluid Therapy: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
02.28.2017: Questions About Your VIN Membership?
02.24:2017: Cognitive Bias in Veterinary Medicine
02.21.2017: Help Yourself to the VIN Forms Collection
02.17.2017: Navigating Student Loans and Repayment Options
02.14.2017: Mend a Broken Heart with VIN Cardiovascular Resources
02.10.2017: Get the Most Out of Your Lab Specimens
02.07.2017: Get a Summary of Your 2016 VIN Fees
02.03.2017: Involving Owners in Diabetes Management
01.31.2017: Journal Club Returns This Thursday
01.27.2017: Updates from the 2016 Waltham Nutritional Symposium
01.24.2017: Have You Tried MyActivities Yet?
01.20.2017: Assessment of Suffering in Animal Cruelty Cases
01.17.2017: Zoonoses & Public Health Specicialty Center
01.13.2017: Exploring the VIN Virtual Clinic
01.10.2017: Can We Talk?
01.06.2017: My Client Just Brought in this Wild Mammal. Now What Do I Do?
01.03.2017: VIN Foundation: Solutions for the Profession Competition
12.30.2016: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
12.23.2016: A Tribute to the Women Who Shaped VIN
12.20.2016: Cases From the Trenches
12.16.2016: My Client Just Brought in This Wild Bird...
12.13.2016: Cardiac Auscultation and Phonocardiography
12.09.2016: Using Telemedicine in your Veterinary Practice
12.06.2016: Understanding the Veterinary Feed Directive
12.02.2016: Designing and Building Your First Veterinary Practice
11.29.2016: Avian Soft Tissue Surgery Center
11.25.2016: Take a Break & Catch up on Past Rounds
11.22.2016: Alert Clients to Potential Holiday Hazards
11.18.2016: Social Media Marketing Through Facebook
11.15.2016: New! PetPost Breed-Specific Postcard Reminders from VINx!
11.11.2016: Enjoy a Rounds Double Feature on Sunday
11.08.2016: VIN Community Quick Polls
11.04.2016: How to Beat Those Holiday Blues
11.01.2016: VIN's Going Mobile
10.28.2016: Anatomy in 3D: New Visualization Tools
10.25.2016: Shelter Medicine Information Center
10.21.2016: Clearing Up Cataract Confusion
10.18.2016: Reptile Resources
10.14.2016: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders
10.11.2016: Have You Hugged Your Vet Tech Today?
10.07.2016: Social Media Marketing Through Facebook
10.04.2016: Personalize Your VIN Profile
09.30.2016: VIN Basic Training
09.27.2016: Learn About VINx and eVetSites at SWVS
09.23.2016: Social Media 101
09.20.2016: Busting the Myths about Feline Hyperthyroidism
09.16.2016: What we Learned at ACVIM/AAVN 2016
09.13.2016: Learn and Review Anatomy in 3D
09.09.2016: Normal and Abnormal Causes of Skinny Old Cats
09.06.2016: A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
09.02.2016: No Sunday Rounds
08.30.2016: Sink Your Teeth Into Dentistry
08.26.2016: Bees Need Vets Too
08.23.2016: Diabetes Resources
08.19.2016: Should you be Using a Professional Advisor?
08.16.2016: What are VIN Rounds?
08.12.2016: Keeping Current with the Literature
08.09.2016: Pediatrics and Geriatrics Specialty Center
08.05.2016: Practical Use of Cyclosporine
08.02.2016: Plan Ahead for Some Great Fall CE
07.29.2016: Mysterious, Yet Common Eye Diseases
07.26.2016: VINner Answers to Tough Questions
07.22.2016: Dyspneic Cat Thoracic Radiographs
07.19.2016: What are the VIN Medical FAQs?
07.15.2016: Soothing Aggressive or Fearful Patients
07.12.2016: Keeping Track with My Activities
07.08.2016: Assertiveness for Women in Healthcare
07.05.2016: VIN Basic Training
06.28.2016: Come Fly With Me
06.24.2016: Rounds - The Fisher: Furtive Forest Friend, or Foe?

  06.21.2016: Nursing Care of the Upper Airway Surgery Patient
06.17.2016: Customize Your VIN Experience With MyVIN
06.14.2016: VIN is Colleagues Helping Colleagues
06.10.2016: Gastrointestinal Obstruction in Dogs and Cats
06.07.2016: Add Signalment to Your Message Board Post
06.03.2016: An Overview of VIN Foundation Support Group Initiatives
05.31.2016: VIN Community Breakfast at ACVIM
05.27.2016: No Sunday Rounds This Weekend
05.24.2016:Text Clients with VINx VetTools
05.20.2016:What Does the p-value Really Tell You?
05.17.2016:It's ACVIM Time Again!
05.13.2016:Shelter Health Care Programs and the Veterinarian
05.10.2016:Get to Know Your VIN Buddy!
05.06.2016:No Sunday Rounds This Weekend
05.03.2016: Customize VINdex with MyFavorites
04.29.2016: A Multimodal Approach to Animal Hospice
04.26.2016: Membership FAQ: Sharing a Computer
04.22.2016: Dispelling Myths about Veterinary Hospice
04.19.2016: VIN Continual Education: Convenient, Interactive Online Courses
04.15.2016: Demystifying Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
04.12.2016: Add Signalment to Message Board Posts
04.08.2016: Food Animal Practice: Moving Past the James Herriot Model
04.05.2016: Try the New Front Page on BETA
04.01.2016: Anesthesia Monitoring
03.29.2016: New Content: Student Loan FAQs
03.25.2016: No Sunday Rounds - Happy Spring!
: VIN/VECCS Rounds TONIGHT: Hospice and Palliative Care in the ER
03.18.2016: Radiographic Evaluation of Canine Heart Size
03.15.2016: Avoid Accidental Sharing - Log Out of VIN
03.11.2016: Understanding Feline Myopathies
03.08.2016: Brand New Front Page at BETA.vin.com!
03.04.2016: Managing Your Student Debt
03.01.2016: VIN/VECCS Rounds TONIGHT: Prehospital Care; Does it Exist?
02.26.2016: Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma
02.23.2016: Is That Legal? Visit the Legal Specialty Center to Find out
02.19.2016: Crazy VIN Radiographs and How to Work Through the Hard Stuff
02.16.2016: VIN MedFAQs - Current Recommendations and Controversies
02.12.2016: No Sunday Rounds This Weekend
02.09.2016: Keeping Track With MyActivities
02.05.2016: No Sunday Rounds This Weekend
02.02.2016: The VIN Library Has it All
01.29.2016: VIN Foundation: Resources for All Career Stages
01.26.2016: VIN is Colleagues Helping Colleagues
01.22.2016: Feeding Tubes and Slurry Diets for Small Animal Patients
01.19.2016: VIN Formulary for Exotic Animals
: Common Radiographic Pitfalls and Fakeouts
01.12.2016: Don't miss the VIN Lounge at NAVC!
01.08.2016: Toxicology of Recreational Drugs
01.05.2016: Learn about VINx (and more) at NAVC!
01.01.2016: HAPPY NEW YEAR! No Sunday Rounds This Week

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