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Clinico-pathological Findings in Myeloma
Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM

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Fig. 1: Serum protein electrophoresis SDS PAGE gel - serum sample from a cat with non-cutaneous extramedullary plasmacytoma (an hepatic MRD).
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Fig. 2: Densitometry trace of the same serum protein electrophoresis gel seen in Fig. 1. This cat has a classical tall monoclonal spike (right side of the trace) consistent with a monoclonal paraproteinaemia. 83% of cats showed a monoclonal paraprotein spike in one series.
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Fig. 3: Serum protein electrophoresis demonstrates a small but narrow spike in the gamma-globulin region, five years after the initial histopathological diagnosis of solitary plasmacytoma of bone in this cat. Although the absolute concentration of the gamma-globulin fraction is within normal limits (25.63g/L, reference range 17 - 27g/L), the spike is consistent with a low concentration paraproteinaemia. (Case 2, (Mellor et al 2007b)) (copyright Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Elsevier).
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Fig. 4: Urine protein electrophoresis densitometry trace from a cat with MRD displaying biclonality. 17% of cats showed biclonality in one study (Mellor et al 2006). Biclonality is a recognised phenomenon and is likely to be attributable to the development of 2 neoplastic clones or isotype switching of some clones (Larsen and Carpenter 1994, Bienzle et al 2000, Yoshida et al 2004).

Table of Contents
The Veterinary Myeloma Website
Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM
What are myeloma related disorders
Clinical signs
Imaging Findings
Clinico-pathological Findings
Anatomical Pathology
Cytology, Histopathology
Other Images
Mis-diagnosis of MRD
Treatment and Survival
Clinical Research & Trials
MRD References
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Date Published: June 6, 2007 Paul Mellor

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