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Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM


Welcome ! The Veterinary Myeloma website is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of myeloma and related disorders within the comparative medicine field. Our aim is to improve the lives of veterinary patients affected by this plasma cell cancer, through the sharing of information amongst veterinarians and related professionals.

This website was founded by Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM - an expert in feline myeloma related disorders. The site was established and is maintained with the kind assistance of the Veterinary Information Network ( Dr Mellor and colleagues continue to conduct clinical research into feline MRD and always welcomes enquiries from colleagues and general sharing of knowledge in this area. Currently, this site focuses on feline myeloma, but contributions from other areas of comparative medicine are very welcome.

The site contains a library of images relating to myeloma-related disorders which will remain as an educational and comparative resource.

If you are the owner of an animal with myeloma / plasmacytoma / plasma cell tumour / monoclonal paraproteinaemia then please browse the site and draw the attention of your primary or referral veterinarian to this website. Unfortunately, we cannot provide advice directly to pet owners but we can try to help via your veterinarian.

If colleagues would like to contribute their knowledge and/or further images to this website then please contact Dr. Mellor at: email


Table of Contents
The Veterinary Myeloma Website
Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM
What are myeloma related disorders
Clinical signs
Imaging Findings
Clinico-pathological Findings
Anatomical Pathology
Cytology, Histopathology
Other Images
Mis-diagnosis of MRD
Treatment and Survival
Clinical Research & Trials
MRD References
History, Acknowledgements, Links

Date Published: May 21, 2007 Paul Mellor

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