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Dr. Paul Mellor, DECVIM

Dr. Paul Mellor, BSc (Hons), BVM&S, MRCVS, CSAM, DECVIM
Recognised specialist in veterinary internal medicine (canine / feline) by the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dr Mellor qualified from Edinburgh University with degrees in molecular pathology and veterinary medicine in 1995. His first two years were spent enjoying the “James Herriot” lifestyle in a large multi-vet general practice in rural Devon, carrying out the spectrum of farm animal, equine and pet, medicine and surgery. Over the following five years, he worked in a variety of private practices and charity clinics in the UK, Hong Kong & New Zealand. Over this time, he became increasingly focused on canine and feline medicine and undertook the year long distance education course in internal medicine from the Postgraduate Foundation, University of Sydney. Returning to the UK, he carried out a further two years of part-time study involving the assessment of case based work and culminating in examinations, resulting in the award of the Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2001. Subsequently, Dr Mellor gained a clinical scholarship in internal medicine at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge where he underwent a formal 3 year European College approved training program in referral internal medicine and oncology. Following completion of the stringent European College requirements and after Part I and Part II examinations, he was awarded diplomate status of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is currently completing his doctoral thesis on feline myeloma related disorders. Presently, he works as a clinician in at North Kent Referrals in south-east England. He is on the board of Worldwide Veterinary Service ( as its Clinical Research Director. WVS is a registered charity that supplies veterinary resources globally, to animal charities and non-profit organizations.

Outside of work, Paul continues to dabble with a variety of activities including hiking, ice climbing, sub aqua, skiing, long distance cycling, horse riding and sailing.

Feline MRD is Dr Mellor's principal area of research interest, but he has published in other areas of internal medicine and oncology:

Myeloma-related disorders

  Authors Title Significance
1. P.J. Mellor, S. Haugland, S. Murphy, K.C. Smith, A. Holloway, J. Archer, R.M. Powell, G.A. Polton, S. Tasker, D. McCormick, M.E. Tempest, P.E. McNeil, T.J. Scase, C.D. Knott, U. Bonfanti, E.J. Villiers, D.J. Argyle, M.E. Herrtage, M.J. Day Feline myeloma-related disorders commonly present as extramedullary neoplasms in contrast to human myeloma: 24 cases with clinical follow up
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2006, 20, 1376-1383
Scientific paper - first large case series describing this rare B cell cancer in the cat. The a priori hypotheses - that feline MRD commonly present with extramedullary disease and uncommonly present with radiographic bone lesions in comparison to man - was demonstrated.
2. P.J. Mellor, S. Haugland, K.C. Smith, R.M. Powell, J. Archer, T.J. Scase, E.J. Villiers, P.E. McNeil, C. Nixon, C. Knott, S. Murphy, G. Polton, C. Belford, A.W. Philbey, D.J. Argyle, M.E. Herrtage, M.J. Day Histopathological, immunohistochemical and cytological analysis of feline myeloma-related disorders: further evidence for primary extramedullary development in the cat
Veterinary Pathology (submitted).
Scientific paper - first large case series describing the morphological & immunohistochemical features of feline MRD. First cytological and histopathological classification systems. Furthers the hypothesis that the disease arises as a primary extramedullary neoplasm in the cat - in contrast to man and the dog.
3. P.J. Mellor, G.A. Polton, M. Brearley, S. Haugland, K.C. Smith, T.J. Scase, P.E. McNeil, A. Holloway, J. Archer, R.M. Powell, E.J. Villiers, M.E. Herrtage, D.J. Argyle, M.J. Day Solitary plasmacytoma of bone - clinical, radiographic and pathological findings in two successfully treated cats
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 2007, 9, 72-77
Observational case report - first documentation of SPB in the cat.



Best Research Abstract 2006, European Society of Veterinary Oncology, annual conference of the European Society of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Amsterdam, October 2006. ( Mellor et al. Clinical, clinico-pathological and imaging features, treatment and outcome of feline myeloma related disorders.


Best Research Abstract 2006, European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology, annual conference, Cambridge Sept 2006. ( Mellor et al. Cytological analysis of feline myeloma related disorders.

Granulomatous disease

  Authors Title Significance
4. P.J. Mellor, K. Fetz, R.G. Maggi, S. Haugland, M. Dunning, E.J. Villiers, R.J. Mellanby, D. Williams, E. Breitschwerdt, M.E. Herrtage Alpha1-proteinase inhibitor deficiency and Bartonella infection in association with panniculitis, polyarthritis and meningitis in a dog.
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2006, 20, 1023-1028
Case report with in-vitro investigations - first documentation of A1PI deficiency in the dog and first report of Bartonella infection in association with panniculitis.
5. Mellanby RJ, Mellor PJ (joint first authors), Villiers EJ, Herrtage ME, Halsall D, O'Rahilly S, McNeil PE, Mee AP, Berry JL. Hypercalcaemia associated with granulomatous lymphadenitis and elevated 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D concentration in a dog
Journal of Small Animal Practice 2006, 47 (4), 207-212
Observational case report - first report in the dog of hypervitaminosis D associated hypercalcaemia due to granulomatous disease.

Adverse drug reactions

  Authors Title Significance
6. Mellor P.J., Roulois A.J.A., Day M.J., Blacklaws B.A., Knivett S.J., Herrtage M.E. Neutrophilic dermatitis and immune-mediated haematological disorders in a dog: suspected adverse reaction to carprofen
Journal of Small Animal Practice 2005, 46 (5), 237-242
Scientific paper - first use of lymphocyte transformation tests to assess adverse drug reactions in veterinary medicine. First report of the neutrophilic dermatitis immune-mediated syndrome in the dog (Sweet's syndrome).
(Front cover & editorial)


  Authors Title Significance
7. Sauvage J. & Mellor, P.J. (joint first authors) Evidence based medicine and good clinical practice in the treatment of canine congestive heart failure
Veterinary Review 2005, 101 (March), 44-53
(Front cover, lead article)
8. Mellanby, R.J., Mellor, P.J., Roulois, A., Baines, E.A., Mee, A.P, Berry J.L., Herrtage, M.E. Hypocalcaemia associated with hypovitaminosis D in two dogs with protein-losing enteropathy
Journal of Small Animal Practice 2005, 46 (7), 345-351
Observational case report - first report outlining the pathophysiology of hypocalcaemia due to hypovitaminosis D in canine GI disease.
9. Mellor, P.J., Mellanby, R.J., Baines, E.A., Villiers, E. and Herrtage, M.E. High troponin I level as a marker of severe myocardial damage in a case of exertional heatstroke in a dog
Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 2006, 8 (1), 55-62
Observational case report - first detailed observations of cardiac abnormalities in canine heatstroke.
10. Williams D.L., Pierce V., Mellor, P.J. and Heath, M.F. Reduced tear production in three canine endocrinopathies Journal of Small Animal Practice (in-press). Scientific paper - first paper to explore abnormal lacrimal gland function in a variety of canine endocrinopathies in relation to normal dogs.
11. Dobson, J. , Villiers E., Roulois A., Gould S., Mellor, P.J., Hoather T. and Watson P.J. Histiocytic sarcoma of the spleen in flat-coated retrievers presenting with regenerative anaemia and hypoproteinaemia. Veterinary Record 2006,158 (24), 825-9 Scientific paper - histiocytic neoplasia may lead to haemophagocytosis & albumin consumption thus causing a pseudo-“blood loss” type anaemia.

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