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Focus: Reptiles/Amphibians/Invertebrates

Associate Editor

Susan Horton

Susan Horton


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois, 1995
  • Honours, Veterinary Bioscience, University of Illinois, 1990

Current Professional Activities

  • Owner and President of Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, Skokie, Illinois
  • President of Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV) 2016–2017
  • Medical Director for Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue, Red Door Animal Shelter, and HAPPE Parrots
  • Exotic Medicine Consultant to Bluepearl Skokie

Past Professional Activities

  • Conference Chair for ARAV Exoticscon 2016
  • Chair for the Membership and PR committee for ARAV

Marital Status

  • Bruce Stone


  • Only the furry, scaly and feathery kind!


  • Sweet Potato, Pitbull mix
  • Winky the blue quaker
  • Crested Gecko colony, too numerous to mention
  • Dendrobates azurius
  • Husband


  • Gardening, including perennial, vegetable, fruit trees, and fairy
  • Bee Keeping
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Cooking
  • Mixology
  • Reading

Favorite Quote

"What we think, we become." —Buddha

What I Like Most About VIN

It is a vast, interactive library with professionals who are in the field and dedicated to the business of veterinary medicine.

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