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Specialty: Internal Medicine - Canine

Associate Editor

Kris Bruskiewicz

Kris Bruskiewicz

Board Certification

  • American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Small Animal Internal Medicine, 1997


  • Residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine, 1996
  • Internship, 1994
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, 1993

Current Professional Activities

  • Partner/Internist at Sage Centers for Veterinary Speciality and Emergency Care, Concord, California

Marital Status

  • Single


  • Oliver (Chihuahua); big brother to Kona & Echelle (Golden Retriver half sisters); cats Lance Armstrong, Luke, Finnegan, Burney & Guinness


  • I am an avid cyclist and spend most weekends riding 100 & 200 mile rides; I achieved my California Gold Triple Crown in 2014 (five 200 mile rides in a calendar year). I am also an ardent Green Bay Packers fan (a challenging pastime living in northern California!) and team owner.

Favorite Quotes

  • "Shut up legs" -Jens Voight
  • "It's not enough that we do our best: sometimes we have to do what's required" -Winston Churchill

What I Like Most About VIN

I love the feeling of being to help someone out with a tough case, either by suggesting diagnostics/treatments or by just telling them that they're on the right track already!

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