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Specialty: Dermatology

Associate Editor

Steve Waisglass

Board Certification

  • American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD) Dermatology, 2007

Honors Awards and Fellowships

  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) (RCVS) Certificate in Small Animal Dermatology, 1994


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto, 1978
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph, 1983

Current Professional Activities

  • Dermatologist - Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre (
  • VCA 404 Veterinary Emergency Referral Hospital (
  • Treasurer, Executive Board Member - Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology
  • Adjunct Professor, Ontario Veterinary College

Past Professional Activities

  • Past President of the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Marital Status

  • Happily married to Adit


  • Very proud of my two children, Mindy and Mark


  • Penny, the (allergy free!) Golden Retriever (b. 2012)


  • Skiing
  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Learning

Favorite Quote

"How to deal with stress: Only let the really, really REALLY important things stress you. Remember, there are NO really, really, REALLY important things!"

What I Like Most About VIN

I learn new things daily on VIN! - great source of information

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