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Cost of Education Map


A lot of factors go into choosing a veterinary school. For some students, it’s important to be close to home; others may want to live somewhere completely new. Then there are students who care less about location and more about the focus of the school – is it known for its research programs, focus on production medicine, flexible curriculum? For all but a lucky few veterinary students, cost is an important consideration. With the average costs of four years of veterinary school rising rapidly above $200,000 for in-state and $275,000 for out-of-state, both tuition and cost-of-living are important considerations for many. If you already know you want to go to veterinary school, check out Vet School Bound. This comprehensive website provides the most current information available on costs, class sizes, and prerequisites for U.S. and Caribbean veterinary schools. 

The map uses recent data published by each school to figure a % increase in tuition and fees per year. The projected increase is calculated per school based on the last four years of published tuition data. While past increases are not always an indicator of future increases, trends show that tuition is likely to continue increasing for veterinary school and recent increases give us the best guess at what that might be in the near future. Make sure to ask your target veterinary schools what their best estimate of tuition and cost of living increases will be while you will be attending veterinary school


For the accrued interest estimates, we apply the most recent Direct Unsubsidized (4.30%) and Direct Grad Plus (5.30%) interest rates for the 2020-21 academic year.

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