Student Loan Graduation Checklist

Prior to Graduation

☐ Review your student loan history and current balances

☐ School financial aid account

☐ Prepare a student loan worksheet

☐ Loan types
☐ Accumulated Interest
☐ Projected Starting Repayment Balance

☐ File a tax return

☐ Note repayment start date/end of grace period for each loan

☐ Start to think about if a federal consolidation loan is necessary for you

☐ Set calendar alert for at least 60-90 days prior to repayment start date

☐ Login to to get familiar with repayment application process


☐ Review NSLDS.ED.GOV for complete federal student loan history

☐ Ensure loan status and graduation info correct
☐ Estimate remaining interest accrual during grace period
☐ If you have older loans that have already used up their grace period, they will enter repayment right after graduation

☐ Check your school financial aid account for loans not listed in NSLDS

☐ Update your contact information with your loan servicer(s), school after you relocate from school

☐ Login to 60-90 days prior to end of grace period to initiate a repayment application
☐ Apply for an income-driven repayment plan selecting the most beneficial that you qualify to use

☐ AGI from your most recent tax return
☐ Alternative documentation of income from recent paycheck or offer letter

☐ If you do not opt in to a specific repayment plan, you will be assigned the standard 10 year plan by default

☐ Consolidate non-Direct loans in order to utilize PAYE or REPAYE as well as PSLF

☐ If you consolidate any/all of your loans, best to start immediately after graduation
☐ Start process at

☐ Repayment does not officially begin until after your grace period

☐ Payments made on loans in their grace period will be applied to unpaid interest and will not count towards PSLF or IDR forgiveness.
☐ Only way to end your grace period early is with a Direct Consolidation Loan

☐ Follow-up frequently with your loan servicers to confirm that your IDR application has been processed prior to your official repayment start date

☐ Set a reminder in your calendar for at least 60 days prior to your IDR renewal date the following year

☐ Begin your financial wellness plan:

☐ Pay down credit card debt
☐ Start an emergency fund
☐ Start a “forgiveness savings fund(s)” to prep for any tax on forgiven student loan amounts
☐ Start saving/building retirement fund(s)
☐ Save for vacation/house/family/practice…Enjoy life :-)

☐ Re-assess you IDR strategy at least each year or anytime your income and/or family situation changes

☐ Ask a lot of questions...

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