🥒Are you in The Pickle? PAYE phase-out is July 1, 2024 🥒
New Grads: Special Consolidation and Application Timing Considerations

REPAYE Algorithm

How do I know if I can use REPAYE?

Revised Pay as You Earn (REPAYE) qualifications are Loan-type specific*

  • Only DIRECT loans qualify for payment under REPAYE
    Did you receive any loans prior to July 1, 2010?
    • Yes - You might have FFEL program loans
      • Do not have DIRECT in the name
      • FFEL, Subsidized, Unsubsidized without DIRECT in the name
    • No - Congratulations! Your Direct loans qualify for most IDR plans
  • FFEL, HPSL, LDS, and Perkins loans can be consolidated into a DIRECT Consolidation loan and paid under REPAYE
    • FFEL = Federal Family Education Loans
    • HPSL = Health Professions Student Loans
    • LDS = Loans for Disadvantaged Students

* Upload your federal student aid data file into the VIN Foundation My Student Loans tool to determine your REPAYE eligibility.

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