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Loan Grey Zone

Know Your Repayment Options: What IDR Plans Can You Use?

The “Grey Zone”

*FFEL program ended

  • Do you have loans received BEFORE July 1, 2010?
    • You might have non-Direct loans
    • You can still consolidate to utilize REPAYE and maybe PAYE…
  • Do you have loans received BEFORE October 1, 2007?
    • You will likely not qualify for PAYE
    • You can use REPAYE if they are Direct Loans
  • IF you received federal loans between 2007 and 2010
    • You can end up paying loans using IBR & PAYE or IBR & REPAYE
    • Direct Consolidation loans may help
  • Only federal Direct loans qualify for ICR, PAYE and REPAYE
  • Only FFEL and Direct loans qualify for IBR

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