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New Grads: Special Consolidation and Application Timing Considerations

Student Loan Worksheet

If you're a veterinary student or thinking about veterinary school, login to NSLDS.ED.GOV each semester and update your student loan worksheet to track your current interest and project remaining interest from now until graduation and when repayment begins after your grace period.  

Preparing your own student loan worksheet together with your budget will help you understand how much financial aid you need each semester and if there is an opportunity to return unused funds or reduce future award amounts.  The student loan worksheet will also help you estimate the amount of interest that you may accumulate during school and estimate your starting loan repayment balance.  

If you are entering repayment or what to know which plans you qualify to use, creating a student loan worksheet from your NSLDS file and loan servicer statements can help you understand your loan types, loan dates, and steps you may need to take in order to utilize the newest income-driven repayment plans.

Printing tip: Place your mouse over the embedded PDF document below and use the printer button on the Acrobat toolbar menu to print the PDF instead of your web browser's print function.

Student Loan Worksheet ( Download/view this PDF)

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