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Focus: Zoonoses and Public Health

Associate Editor

Norman Ronald


  • Master of Science, Colorado State University, 1967
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Missouri, 1972
  • Bachelor of Science, Colorado State University, 1963

Current Professional Activities

  • Research Associate: Diagnostic Parasitology and Diagnostic Program development - Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (1995–present)
    • Important Note: prior to 1995, Norman started working on the Canine Associate just to help out while suffering from an undiagnosed illness. This motivated Norman to begin development of a zoonosis knowledge base. During that process he finally figured out he had brucellosis which had been over looked by several doctors. The program eventually saved his life.

Past Professional Activities

  • Pursued academic endeavors from home due to chronic undiagnosed & misdiagnosed Brucellosis! (1989–1995)
  • Ross University - member of founding faculty (1982–1989)
    • Parasitology and Public Health to Veterinary Students
    • Epidemiology and Parasitology to Medical Students
  • Assistant Professor of Veterinary Parasitology - Texas A&M University (1973–1981)
  • Instructor in Veterinary Parasitology & Post-doc in the Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory - College of Veterinary Medicine - University of Missouri (1972)
  • Epidemiologist - plague chase - CDC, Fort Collins Colorado (1968)
  • Medical Technician - U.S. Army (1964–1965)

Marital Status

  • Single


  • 1 Belgian Malinois
  • 1 quarter horse


  • Power lifting

Favorite Quote

"Bless the beasts and the children."

What I Like Most About VIN

My data base is coming to fruition.

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