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Specialty: Regulatory - Legal Issues

Associate Editor

Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD

Lance Roasa


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, 2008
  • Master of Science, Texas A&M University, 2006
  • Bachelor of Science, Texas A&M University, 2002
  • Juris Doctor, University of Nebraska, 2016

Current Professional Activities

  • Founder of Drip Learning Technologies, a veterinary continuing education provider.
  • Guest lecturer in 13 veterinary colleges on the legal aspects of medical recordkeeping, veterinary malpractice and veterinary business as part of the curriculum 
  • Primary attorney for the Roasa Law Group, P.C., a law practice dedicated to serving veterinarians in practice transactions, employment contracts and as legal counsel to startup businesses.

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • President of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association (AVMLA)
  • Member of the board of directors for the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association.
  • National co-advisor to the Veterinary Business Management Association
  • Regularly lectures to regional VBMA chapters and to the national association on the topics of growth, business metrics, technology implementation.

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