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Jon Dittrich

Jon Dittrich


  • Master of Business Administration, Butler University, 1982
  • Bachelor of Science, Purdue, 1974

Jon Dittrich is NOT a Veterinarian. Mr. Dittrich has an MBA and founded Profit Profile Corporation in 1982 to help small businesses improve their profits. In 1989, Profit Profile Corporation began to specialize as a Veterinary Practice Management Consultant. Today PPC helps veterinary clients across the country improve their profits, get control of their business and buy / sell practices.

Mr. Dittrich has won many awards for this outstanding consulting ability that include, Small Business Administration Advocate of the Year for the State of Tennessee and the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Enterpriser Award. In addition, Mr. Dittrich has been the past Chair of the East Tennessee Better Business Bureau and past Chair of the Small Business Committee.

Mr. Dittrich currently teaches the Practice Management course at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee. He is a Co-Editor of the VIN Practice Management board and has taught the Employee Incentive VlNgnette.

Jon is married with two grown children. He enjoys hiking and riding his recumbent bicycle. He resides in Knoxville Tennessee. He is a past Peace Corps volunteer.

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