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Specialty: Parasitology

Associate Editor

Lauren E. Camp

Lauren Camp


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of California-Davis, 2016
  • Master of Science, Wake Forest University, 2007
  • Artium Baccalaureatus, University of Chicago, 2005

Current Professional Activities

  • Diagnostic parasitologist, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, UC Davis
  • Staff research associate, laboratory of Dr Karen Shapiro, Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, UC Davis
  • Scientific manuscript editor, Better Papers Faster (based in China)

Past or Intermittent Professional Activities

  • Laboratory Assistant, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine-assisting with teaching parasitology to first and second year DVM students


  • Two, almost 4-year-old cats, Morel and Enoki
  • Recently and unexpectedly lost my first pet as an adult, a lovely cat named Mirelle


  • House music DJ
  • Indoor cycling, specifically e-racing on the Zwift platform
  • Dungeons and Dragons

Fun fact

  • My dad, Joe Camp Jr (PhD) is an emeritus professor of parasitology from Purdue University.

What I Like Most About VIN

The opportunity to think about parasites I don't normally see in the diagnostic lab, and helping folks identify unknown parasites.

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