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Specialty: Student Debt

Associate Editor

Rebecca Mears

Rebecca Mears


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, 2020
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Kentucky, 2014

Current Professional Activities

  • National co-advisor to the Veterinary Business Management Association
  • VIN Student Debt Consultant
  • AAEP DEI Committee
  • MentorVet Mentor
  • VBMA Honors Portfolio Evaluator

Past Professional Activities

  • Equine Veterinarian
  • VIN Foundation Rising Leaders Committee
  • AAEP Student Task Force, DEI Advisory Group
  • National VBMA Business Certificate Director
  • Vets for Pets and People Board Member
  • UGA Financial Literacy Committee


  • Remington, the very spoiled dog


  • Eating at local restaurants
  • Yoga
  • Impromptu dance parties

What I Like Most About VIN

  • There are SO MANY resources! Anytime I’ve ever thought, “I’d really like it if this thing existed”, someone at VIN is able to connect me with exactly that. If you are ever looking for something you think doesn’t exist, don’t hesitate to reach out – there’s a good chance it is there, just waiting for you!

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