About VSPN™

History of VSPN™

VSPN™ was developed by VIN® (Veterinary Information Network®) as an online community for veterinary support staff. The original inception of VSPN™ was in 1992 and was a subscription service with very few resources. At the time, VIN® was on AOL (America Online) and members of VIN and VSPN had to additionally subscribe to AOL.

In 1996, VSPN re-launched with free membership. This is the VSPN version you see today. The move from AOL to the world wide web was started in 1997 and completed in 1999. With the addition of the VSPN Notebook®, Rounds sessions, and many CE courses, VSPN continues to grow.

VSPN brings together members from all over the world to interact, teach, and learn from each other. VSPN has over 12,000 members world-wide ranging from veterinary assistant students to veterinary technician specialists. As a member of the VIN family, all of this is brought together and powered by the Veterinary Information Network®.