Free Trial/Membership
October 30, 2017 (published) | November 14, 2018 (revised)

Free Trial/Membership

30 Day Free Trial Membership

VIN is for veterinarians, by veterinarians®. Since 1991, VIN has offered all colleagues a Free 30-Day Trial. You should never feel you are being “sold on” VIN. Instead, we hope you will use the free trial period to decide if VIN is right for you…


We invite you to take a no risk 30 day free trial of VIN before deciding if VIN is for you.

Flying solo? Even the most experienced veterinarians occasionally need to bounce ideas off other colleagues. With your individual membership, you'll have the entire VIN Community of consultants, reps, and colleagues help you through those tough cases when you need a second (or third, or fourth) opinion.

Individual memberships are licensed to just one person and pirating (sharing) another VINners' account isn't allowed.


2 associates* or 3 – 5 associates*

Save money by setting up a payment group for two or more associates joining VIN from the same practice.

When accessing VIN, each member uses his or her own private log-in credentials.

New Grads

1st year* — save 70%

2nd year* — save 40%

*after earning your veterinary degree

To help relieve the stress of being a new graduate, you can save 70% off normal VIN membership rates for the first 12 months after you receive your veterinary degree. Then, for the next 12 months, you can save 40%.

New graduate discounts start the first day of the month following the completion of your veterinary degree. This is independent of the date you joined VIN.

These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. You are eligible for a maximum of 12 months of each recent graduate discount. The discount is taken off the regular VIN membership rate.

These discounts may also be applied to the cost of VIN CE enrollment!

Vet Students, Interns, Residents & Academics

Free if using an edu email account from a veterinary school

Today's students are tomorrow's colleagues. The VIN Community realizes how much colleagues in practice and academics learn from each other.

If you're joining VIN as a student, resident, intern or veterinary school faculty (using an .edu email address) your membership is free (for the duration of your program or employment at the same facility).

We hope you'll use your free membership to enhance your teaching of tomorrow's veterinary students and share your knowledge with the VIN community.

Membership Types and Rates*

Individual membership

$65 per month ($810/annual)

2 veterinarians (in the same practice)

$55 per veterinarian per month ($110/month or $1,380/annual for the group)

3 veterinarians (in the same practice)

$52 per veterinarian per month ($156/month or $1,962/annual for the group)

4 veterinarians (in the same practice)

$48 per veterinarian per month($192/month or $2,400/annual for the group)

5 or more veterinarians (in the same practice)

$44 per veterinarian per month ($540 per veterinarian annually for the group)

Recent Graduate (first 12 months after graduation)

$19.50 per month ($243/annual)

Recent Graduate (second 12 months after graduation)

$39.00 per month ($486/annual)

*Prices shown are effective November 15, 2021.

Sales Tax: We are required to collect sales tax where applicable by law.

Payment Plans:

Monthly Payment

Choose this option and your credit card will be automatically charged each month.

Annual Payment

Choose this option and pay with either a credit card or a check. You'll receive a reminder (invoice) when your renewal is due.

Annual Auto Renew

When you choose the Auto-Renew option and pay for your annual membership by credit card you'll save:

  • $30.00 off single yearly membership ($780)
  • $23.00 per veterinarian off the 2 member group yearly membership ($1334)
  • $20.00 per veterinarian off the 3 member group yearly membership ($1902)
  • $17.00 per veterinarian off the 4 member group yearly membership ($2332)

Tax Deductibility:

In most cases, your VIN membership fees are a tax-deductible business expense. Check with your tax professional.

Risk Free, Unconditional Guarantee:

You may discontinue your VIN membership at any time, for any reason, and receive a prorated refund for any unused membership time. (Note: group member adjustments are prorated to the month.)