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Category: Dogs

Genetics of Ectopic Ureters in Newfoundland Dogs (Study Closed)
November 6, 2006 (published)
Mark Neff

Study Start Date: 11/01/2006
Study End Date: 10/31/2007

Genetics of Ectopic Ureters in Newfoundland Dogs

Newfoundland dogs show an increased risk for ectopic ureters, a congenital developmental defect that varies in severity and afflicts mostly females. The breed predilection implies a genetic component, but the variable expressivity and the sex bias require that ectopic ureters be genetically resolved with approaches suited to complex disease analysis. It is assumed that all Newfoundland dogs with definitively diagnosed ectopic ureters share one or more identical-by-descent mutations. It follows that a case-control methodology should prove successful in identifying regions of the dog genome that harbor causal factors for ectopic ureters. Power estimates for case-control designs suggest that 50 cases (definitively diagnosed affected dogs) and 50 controls (selected with the whole breed genealogy in mind) should provide sufficient resolution.

Sample Size:
200 dogs (100 affected, 100 control)

Inclusion criteria:
Newfoundland dogs that have been definitively diagnosed with ectopic ureters will be considered as candidates for the case group. Follow-up diagnostics may be needed to confirm diagnosis.

Exclusion Criteria:
Dogs with unconfirmed diagnosis of ectopic ureters.

Study Controls:
Any Newfoundland dog with a registration number that can tie the individual to the genealogical framework. The samples that are ultimately chosen from this pool will be matched against the case samples for sex and kinship coefficient.

Two blood samples will need to be obtained at pre-specified periods. Sampling kits will be mailed out to the veterinarian, along with an instruction sheet and shipping information.

From Newfoundlands with ectopic ureters, we request 5 mL of whole blood in an ACD or EDTA vacutainer submitted for next day delivery at ambient temperature. Contact information for the owner and copies of clinical records are helpful. Registration # and pedigree may be requested once the sample is received.
Please use Federal Express Acct. 2527-7516-1 (check 'bill recipient').
Participants will be reimbursed up to $15 for the cost of the blood draw.

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Full Disclosure information:

  • The study is funded by an institutional (university intramural) grant.
  • The investigators do not have any conflict of interest.
  • The study will be published if results are negative.
  • The study will be reported on VIN.

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