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Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Study Closed)
December 2, 2004 (published)
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Study Title: Evaluating Injectable Rimadyl® for the Treatment of Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Purpose of the Study: Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) activity alone or in conjunction with ionizing radiation for the treatment of various neoplasms may result in improved response rates and survival times, without added toxicity to neighboring non-neoplastic cells. As single-agents, COX-2 inhibitors may result in tumor shrinkage by inhibition of tumor blood vessel formation. In addition, COX-2 inhibitors may make tumors cells selectively more sensitive to radiation therapy. This study aims to investigate whether the recently approved injectable formulation of carprofen (Rimadyl®), a preferential COX-2 inhibitor, can be utilized for feline oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) as: 1) an effective single-agent, or 2) a radiosensitizing agent.

Inclusion Criteria: The inclusion criteria for the study are as follows:

  1. Cats with suspected* or confirmed oral SCC with MEASURABLE disease
  2. NO non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) OR prednisone use within the past 30 days
  3. No previous chemotherapy or radiation therapy for oral SCC
  4. No concurrent disease(s) that would limit survival
  5. Signed informed client consent

*Cats with suspected oral SCC will be fully worked-up at the University of Illinois Cancer Care Clinic. When the cat has confirmed oral SCC, the study will pay for 50% of the following: initial computed tomography, esophagostomy tube placement, and palliative radiation therapy for the group of cats receiving that form of therapy. Afterwards, the study will pay for 100% of recheck diagnostics and advanced imaging studies.

Diagnostics, Treatment, and Compensation: Diagnostics will include: 1) Bloodwork and urinalysis, 2) Tumor cytology and histopathology, 3) 3 view thoracic x-rays, 4) Abdominal ultrasound, and 5) Computed tomography of oral cavity. ALL cats entered into the study will receive: 1) esophagostomy tube placement, and 2) intratumoral carprofen injections. Palliative radiation therapy will be offered to owners that are interested in this additional treatment option.

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For practical purposes and to ensure optimal follow-up for these patients, we would prefer that they live in Illinois or the surrounding states.

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