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Category: Neurological

Epilepsy Research
October 1, 2002 (published)
Dr. Ned Patterson, DVM
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The Canine Epilepsy Research Consortium, headed by the University of Minnesota and the University of Missouri - Columbia, is studying the genetics of epilepsy in all purebred dogs. Of the breeds collected so far, the Vizsla, English Springer Spaniel, and Beagle have the most promising pedigree structures. Our goal is to find the genes responsible for epilepsy in dogs so that wise breeding can decrease the incidence of the disease in dogs. We also hope that knowing what genes regulate epilepsy in dogs may help us better tailor our therapy to the specific cause.

To ensure the success of the study, we must obtain DNA samples and health information from more families (including siblings, parents, grandparents, offspring, or distant relatives) in which one or more members has epilepsy. If you know a purebred dog with epilepsy, or know of relatives of a dog affected with epilepsy, we would greatly appreciate participation in the study.

All it takes is a blood sample being drawn by a veterinarian, the sample being shipped to our laboratory, and a few pages of health and litter information to be filled out. The shipping cost of the blood samples can be paid for if needed. All needed forms and information may be found at or can be mailed to you. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. As the research progresses, participants may request information on the genetic status of their dog(s).

For more information on this project, please visit

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