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Category: Cats

Treatment of Cytauxzoonosis in Cats (Study Closed)
August 28, 2006 (published)

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Published results can be found here and here.

Study Start Date: 07/01/2006
Study End Date: 07/01/2008

Treatment of Cytauxzoonosis in Cats

Cytauxzoonosis is an often fatal disease of cats. Historical survival rates are <5%. This study aims to compare the efficacy of two anti-protozoal treatment regimens for cytauxzoonosis. Preliminary data suggests that these treatments may be associated with survival rates from 50-65% compared to previously described survival rates. We are looking to enroll hospitals that see at least 3 confirmed cases of C. felis per year.

Dr. Cohn recently hosted a VIN Rounds on this disease.

Inclusion criteria:
1) Clinical presentation compatible with cytauxzoonosis
2) Cytologic demonstration of suspected C. felis piroplasms or schizonts or molecular evidence of cytauxzoonosis confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
3) Fully-informed owner consent.
4) Hospitals that diagnose at least 3 cases/year of C. felis.

Exclusion Criteria:
Cats in a moribund state or suffering hypothermia.

Study Sample Size:
60 cats

Study Controls:
Each treatment group will serve as the control for the other. No cats will be enrolled in a standard-of-care arm. Historical controls will be used.

Study Endpoints:
Survival / all-cause mortality, death due to C .felis.

EDTA anti-coagulated whole blood samples will need to be obtained at specified periods. Sampling kits will be mailed out to the veterinarian, along with an instruction sheet and shipping information.

The investigators will reimburse clients $100.00 for each case, free PCR testing and free treatment study drugs. Clinicians will be provided with free blood sample submission.

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Full Disclosure information:

  • The study is funded by institutional (university intramural) funds.
  • The investigators have declared that they have no conflict of interest.
  • The study will be published if results are negative
  • The study will be reported on VIN if there is no compromise to publication potential.
  • The authors will acknowledge VIN if the study is published if substantial case recruitment is credited to VIN participation.

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