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Category: Dogs

Ivermectin Toxicity - (Study Ended)
December 20, 2002 (published)
Katy Robertson
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
University of California at Davis
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UC Davis Researchers are Looking for Ivermectin Toxicity Cases

UC Davis researchers, in collaboration with a group at Washington State University, are developing a new DNA test to identify dogs that may be sensitive to Ivermectin, or that may carry the susceptibility gene.

Because veterinarians are the ones that diagnose and treat Ivermectin-sensitive cases, we at UC Davis would like to request the assistance of veterinarians who have seen dogs with Ivermectin toxicity in their clinics.

Firstly, we are interested in identifying the breeds which are susceptible to Ivermectin toxicity. To date, we know that Collies and Australian Shepherds are susceptible.

Secondly, when possible, we are interested in collecting blood or cheek swab DNA samples from 'affected' dogs of additional breeds.

If you would like to provide information, please contact Katy Robertson of the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at (530) 752-3864, or by email at

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Reviewed 5/6/04

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