American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (2014)

Welcome to AAZV 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Orlando for the 7th annual Exotic Animal Medicine for the Clinical Practitioner Conference (EAMCP) sponsored by the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV). Our goal is to provide you an excellent, clinically relevant program which will enable you to better care for exotic pets, wildlife, and zoo animals.

The AAZV has been holding annual conferences to share knowledge and experiences regarding veterinary care of captive and free-ranging zoological and wildlife species for over 40 years. The AAZV annual meeting immediately follows the EAMCP Conference.

We have an excellent program for you this year, thanks to the hard work of Drs. Debbie Myers and Trevor Zachariah. The group of experienced, knowledgeable lecturers they have assembled will provide you with valuable and practical information about small carnivore, primate, and macropod medicine; analgesia and anesthesia of reptiles and amphibians, wildlife rehabilitation, reproduction, avian and reptile topics and information on training techs, business techniques and getting involved in conservation. We are grateful to Dr. Rob Hilsenroth, Adine Nicholson and Pam Brownlee for making the arrangements for this conference, and to the American College of Zoological Medicine for sponsoring the Continuing Education credits.

I hope the conference exceeds your expectations and that you also have some time for fun while here in sunny Orlando!


Douglas L. Armstrong, DVM
President, AAZV

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