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20 Questions of Animal Trivia

Test your knowledge!

September 23, 2019 (published)

It’s time for 20 questions! You can test your skill of utterly non-important stuff that we sometimes hear and often misremember. Or we remember it exactly…almost. Or we had a great day and remember that tidbit exactly because of where we were – or do we?


1. While pet owners should only be concerned with the cat flea, how many species of fleas are there?

A) 500

B) 1000

C) 1500

D) 2000


2. Which of these mammals does not have a gall bladder? (Choose all that apply.)

A) Horses

B) Rats

C) Mice

D) Cows


3. Where do Quokkas live?

A) South America

B) Australia

C) Antarctica

D) Africa


4. Male black widow spiders are less toxic than females because:

A) They don’t have the red hourglass shape on their bodies.

B) Their venom isn’t as venomous.

C) They have smaller fangs so deliver less venom.

D) They cannot deliver the venom they make.


5. We often hear about problems with dogs’ anal sacs. Which of the following animals do not have anal sacs?

A) Cats

B) Goats

C) Sugar gliders

D) Sea otters


6 The human ear canal is a straight line from the part we can see into the parts we can’t see. What shape is a dog’s ear canal?

A) Straight line

B) Vertical then horizontal (L shape)

C) Horizontal then vertical

D) Semi-circular


7. What is the plural of rhinoceros?



8. Frontline is toxic to which animal?

A) Coyote

B) Goat

C) Rabbit

D) Ferret


9. Do dogs get heart attacks?

A) Yes

B) No


10. Why doesn’t the FDA regulate flea and tick products for pets?

A) Not a big enough market to be worth their time.

B) The products are supplements, which they don’t regulate.

C) The products are pesticides, not drugs.


11. A female guinea pig can give birth to up to how many litters per year?

A) 2 litters

B) 3 litters

C) 4 litters

D) 5 litters


12. Which animals can get hepatic lipidosis, often called fatty liver disease? (check all that apply)

A) Bearded dragons

B) Cats

C) Cows

D) People


13. Which dolphin is the biggest?

A) Bottlenose dolphin

B) Killer whale

C) New Zealand dolphin

D) Maui dolphin


14. If narwhals in one pod decide to do a group needlepoint, what scene do they depict?

A) Platter of roast beef

B) Dentist polishing a tusk

C) Floral bouquet with bees

D) A sunlit forest clearing with unicorns


15. Place a line from the animal to its group name. 









wild rabbits








16. Are snails born with shells?

A) Yes

B) No


17. Which animal has the lowest nutritional copper requirement?

A) Cattle

B) Sheep

C) Goats

D) Horses


18. How do you get a rabbit to take a pill?

A) Put it inside a treat such as banana or apple

B) Crush it and mix it with some of his favorite food

C) Crush it and mix it with a favorite liquid and use a syringe

D) All of the above


19. Mules are a cross between:

A) A male donkey and a female jackass

B) A female donkey and a male horse

C) A male donkey and a female horse

D) A female horse and a male burro


20. You are most likely to get nailed by alpaca spit:

A) When they're hungry and you’re late.

B) When their nails are being trimmed.

C) When two or more males are aiming at each other.

D) When they are being sheared.



Photo courtesy of Depositphotos


Alrighty, then, let’s see how you did.

1. D - There are 2000 species of fleas in the world.

2. A, B, - horses and rats do not have gall bladders.

3. B - The quokka's primary home is the island of Rottnest near Perth, Australia.

4. C - Male black widow spiders have smaller fangs and cannot deliver enough venom for a fatality. Size matters.

5. B - Goats do not have anal glands.

6. B - A dog's ear canal is L-shaped.

7. The plural of rhinoceros is rhinoceri. (There are other options, but that’s the best.)

8. C - Frontline is toxic to rabbits.

9. B - Dogs do not get heart attacks.

10. C - The FDA does not regulate flea and tick products because they are pesticides, not drugs.

11 D - A female guinea pig can give birth to up to five litters per year.

12. A, B, C, D - Bearded dragons, cats, cows and people all get fatty liver disease.

13. B Killer whales are the largest dolphins.

14. A, B, C, D - Narwhals have a mind of their own, so your guess is good. Free point!

15. A group of:

rats is called a mischief

foxes is called a skulk

skunks is called a surfeit

goats is called a herd

wild rabbits is called a fluffle

raccoons is called a nursery

crows is called a murder

owls is called a parliament

16. A - Snails are born with shells.

17. B - Sheep have the lowest nutritional requirement for copper.

18. D - Use all of the described methods to pill a rabbit.

19. C, D - A mule is a cross between a male donkey and a female horse. A donkey and a burro are the same.

20. C - When two or more male alpacas are aiming at each other and you're caught in the crossfire.


So…how did you do? 


Christy Corp-Minamiji, DVM
September 26, 2019

Good catch, John!  We missed that during the editing process.

John Carr
September 25, 2019

19 could be C or D, are not donkeys and burros synonymous?

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