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Christmas with the Cat
December 21, 2015 (published)

Photo by Linda Weidemann
A singer-songwriter known in professional circles as Scott Jacobs, DVM, has shared with his adoring public a song he wrote for his own enjoyment. Well, maybe for his colleagues and clients too, who can say? Whether you're on vacation for the holidays, or working in a busy ER full of "dietary indiscretions" and cats flying off trees into the window as though pitched by a slingshot, amidst all the craziness of Christmas there's always time for you to have a good laugh. The kind Dr. Jacobs has obliged.

The video is wonderful!


There's tinsel in the litter box, hairballs 'neath the tree,
cat hair in the branches and all the presents smell funky.
The angel that once sat up top has now been chewed in half.
Fa La La...It's Christmas with the cat.

There's garland strewn in places where you know it shouldn't be
and broken glass ornaments scattered randomly.
The snowy tip is missing from Santa Claus's hat.
Fa La La...It's Christmas with the cat.

Christmas with the cat: Same thing every year.
Christmas with the cat: A season spent in fear.
Well, my Yuletide has been hijacked by a furry psychopath
Fa La La...It's Christmas with the cat.

There's poinsettia leaves on the carpet and now the baby Jesus is gone!
The Nutcracker's been broken and the tree lights won't turn on!
In a stocking by the fireplace is what once was a rat.
Fa La La...It's Christmas with the cat.

[Repeat Chorus]

There was vomit on the Wise Men in the Nativity set,
vomit in the manger so we took him to the vet.
Oh, the X-rays, now, they tell us how baby Jesus will come back.
Fa La La...It's Christmas with the cat.

Fa La La...It's [Harp melody of "Christmas with the cat."]

Fa La La...It's [Harp melody of "Silent night, Holy night"]
Christmas with the cat!

Copyright 2004 Phillip Scott Jacobs, DVM

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