Three Tips to Reduce Barking in Your Dog

November 17, 2020 (published)

Tip 1: Block the View But not the Light

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

There are many different sights and sounds that stimulate barking out the window. Your dog is less likely to bark at what she can’t see. Window film is easy to install, allows light to filter in, and comes in different decorative designs.

Photo by Pat Koven

Tip 2: Reinforce an Alternative Behavior

Imagine your dog sitting nicely on a mat while you open the door to let a guest in, receive a delivery, or just walk out the door to get the mail. Teaching your dog to “go” to a mat or stationing can help achieve this goal. Remote treat dispensers can easily help you reward your dog in place with a click of the remote.

Courtesy of the Sophia Yin Collection

Tip 3: Barking at Noises Means Click and Treat

Photo by Pat Koven

Keep jars of treats and kibble stashed around the house to use during noisy events such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Click and Treat when your dog takes a breath or pauses for a moment between barks, BUT not while he is actively barking. After a few clicks, you can wait for your dog to make eye contact before clicking and treating. 

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