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Today's Veterinary Practice
Volume 13 | Issue 3 (May-Jun 2023)

The Mental Health Impact of Online Veterinary Reviews

Today's Vet Pract. May-Jun 2023;13(3):10-12. 13 Refs
Arathi Vinayak1
1 Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA.

Author Abstract

Anything besides a 5-star online review shouldn't send you into a tailspin. In actuality, your practice should be aiming for an overall 3.5- to 4.5-star rating.

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Archives Highlights:
Intrathecal mepivacaine after general anesthesia is an effective method of equine euthanasia when compared to intravenous pentobarbital.
Previous publications have shown that the risk of scavenger intoxication through consumption of the carcass is low with an intrathecal lidocaine method. In horses euthanized with intravenous pentobarbital, sodium pentobarbital residues were found in compost pile samples up to 367 days after euthanasia with no decrease in concentration, despite complete degradation of soft tissues.
Urinary Tract Trauma in Cats: Stabilisation, Diagnosis and Management.
This review summarises the current knowledge available from a number of original articles and textbook chapters in the literature that cover all aspects of feline urinary tract trauma, and is supported by the authors' own clinical experience.
Delayed embryonic development or a long sperm survival in two mares-A registration conundrum.
Donor mares were inseminated with semen from one stallion during one oestrous cycle and semen from a different stallion on the subsequent oestrous cycle. Embryo(s) were collected 8?days after ovulation during the second oestrous cycle and transferred into synchronised recipient mares. Genetic testing was performed to determine parentage of the two foals. For both foals, DNA parentage testing excluded the second stallion as the genetic sire and confirmed that the first stallion, whose semen was inseminated on the previous oestrous cycle, was the actual genetic sire.
'Brave Enough': A Qualitative Study of Veterinary Decisions to Withhold or Delay Antimicrobial Treatment in Pets.
The use of antimicrobials by companion animal veterinarians in the absence of a clear indication is often powerfully driven by behavioural beliefs, chiefly, fears of clinical deterioration and of failing to meet client expectations.
Risk factors for unilateral cranial cruciate ligament rupture diagnosis and for clinical management in dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK.
After accounting for confounding factors, dogs aged 6 to less than 9 years, male neutered and female neutered dogs, insured dogs, and Rottweiler, Bichon Frise, and West Highland White terrier breeds, in particular, had increased odds of unilateral CCL rupture diagnosis. Insured dogs and dogs = 20 kg had increased odds of surgical management, while dogs = 9 years and dogs with one non-orthopaedic comorbidity at diagnosis with CCL rupture had reduced odds. These findings inform identification of at-risk dogs.

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