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Clinician's brief
Volume 19 | Issue 4 (June 2021)

Pelvic Limb Lameness in a Cat

Clin Brief. June 2021;19(4):. 15 Refs
Kaitlin N Bahlmann1, Steven J Bailey
1 Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford Twp, MI 48327, USA..

Author Abstract

An 18-month-old domestic longhair cat is presented with left pelvic limb lameness and retained deciduous teeth. Understand the possible connection of these clinical signs, as well as the treatment and long-term care of the associated condition.

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Archives Highlights:
Validation of Medicinal Leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) as a Non-invasive Blood Sampling Tool for Hematology and Biochemistry Profiling in Mammals.
Medicinal leeches were manually applied on 67 zoo animals of eleven species, and control blood samples were obtained by venipuncture of the jugular vein. The leeches drew up to 20 ml of blood in 20 to 55 min. Although most hematological and biochemical parameters were significantly altered in leech-derived samples, their values showed strong to very strong correlations with venipuncture in all blood parameters, except for sodium. As the parameter alterations and correlations were similar among species, simple cross-species regression formulas were sufficient to correct the alterations, thereby ensuring good repeatability between leeches and venipuncture in most parameters.
Ischemic Dermatopathy in Dogs
Some dermatologists have subtyped ischemic dermatopathy into 5 groups: familial dermatomyositis, juvenile-onset dermatomyositis-like disease in atypical breeds, post-rabies-vaccine–associated panniculitis, generalized vaccine-associated ischemic dermatopathy, and generalized idiopathic ischemic dermatopathy.
Subconjunctival bleedings in neonatal calves: a case series report.
The incidence of bleedings in neonatal Holstein-Friesian calves was 2.4 per cent of 289 neonatal calves examined over a six-year period. In general, two types of subconjunctival bleedings were seen. One was usually in a semilunar fashion immediately outside the limbus of the eye. The other type was a stripe or macule of variable size at different positions of the sclera.
Myoclonus in older Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Clinical signs reported were spontaneous in onset, lasted a few seconds, and consisted of rapid blinking with head nodding and variable extension down the thoracic limbs. Myoclonus occasionally led to stumbling of the thoracic limbs or collapse. Mean age of onset was 8.38 years. Thirteen of 39 dogs with myoclonus had paroxysmal events, such as generalized seizures (9/13).
Serum concentrations of gabapentin in cats with chronic kidney disease.
Cats with CKD that received 10 mg/kg of gabapentin had significantly higher dose-normalized serum concentrations than normal cats that received 20 mg/kg, supporting the need to dose-reduce in this patient population.

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