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Practice Management Sessions

Howell P Little, DVM and Rick Loveless

Concepts of Practice Health - Rick Loveless

Open discussion of how the veterinary market has changed along with the challenges that have evolved. Incorporates a discussion of recent studies and their impact on the veterinary profession. Wednesday AM

The Art of Trying Something New - Rick Loveless

Identifies what common obstacles that inhibit the development of new creative approaches and how to overcome these obstacles. A 20-minute video is shown during this segment. Wednesday AM

Finding the Right Vision - Rick Loveless

This segment covers resistance and "Fear of Change" along with the importance of communicating a clear future hospital vision to all team members. Wednesday AM

Impact Communications - Dr. Howell Little

What do your most valued clients expect your veterinary team to be able to communicate? A veterinary hospital's survival involves optimum utilization of internal communication within the hospital and external communication with clients. A special segment on exam room communications will be included. Wednesday AM

Organization - Rick Loveless

Open discussion on the roles and responsibilities of health care team members with suggestions and opportunities that can improve productivity, make everyday activities more enjoyable and keep career building in mind. Wednesday PM

Building the Productive Team - Dr. Howell Little

A new look at selecting, interviewing and hiring ideal candidates and keeping them motivated. This interactive segment includes a discussion of concepts that incorporate new employees into existing health care teams. Wednesday PM

Building the Productive Team - Dr. Howell Little

Discusses the importance and benefits of team leverage. Investing in your veterinary team is the secret to success! Train the team and let them work their magic. This segment includes a video on "Delegation." Wednesday PM

Overview of Prior Day - Dr. Howell Little

This segment will pull together all of the information discussed during the prior day. It is designed to allow open discussion and review any key points that may need clarification. Thursday AM

Consistent Messaging - Rick Loveless

Provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of providing a consistent message to clients to build value, reduce the potential for misunderstandings and enhance customer service. Thursday AM

Building your Own Strategy - Rick Loveless

Demonstrates the importance of implementing change in small steps. A "Joel Barker" video is included prior to a planning phase for the afternoon session. Thursday AM

Interactive Discussion - Rick Loveless & Dr. Howell Little

This segment will involve participants in an interactive discussion of all topics discussed during the training session, next steps and any additional topics brought up by the group. Role play and demonstrations will be included as time permits. This will be an open forum. Participants are invited to share some of their obstacles and challenges for discussion to find solutions they can begin to implement on their return to their veterinary hospital. Thursday PM

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Veterinarian Program
Veterinary Technician/Office Staff Program
Don J. Harris, DVM
Heidi Hoefer, DVM, Diplomate ABVP
David Holt, BVSc, Dip. ACVS
Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, DACVB
Amy Kapatkin, DVM, DipACVS
Karen Kline, DVM
Kenneth Kwochka, DVM, Diplomate ACVD Dermatology
Gregory A. Lewbart, MS, VMD, DACZM Aquatics/Reptiles
Teresa L. Lightfoot, DVM Diplomate AABVP Avian
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Sandra Manfra Maretta, DVM
Wendy S. Myers
Karen Overall MA, VMD
Dr. Rodney L. Page & Dr. M. C. McEntee
Paul D. Pion, DVM, DipACVIM
Robert Poppenga, DVM, PhD
Karen Rosenthal, DVM, MS, ABVP
Howard B. Seim, III, DVM, DACVS
Robert G. Sherding, DVM, DACVIM Feline Medicine
Todd R. Tams, DVM
Brian T. Voynick DVM, CVA
Melissa Wallace, DVM, DACVIM Renal Medicine
Cynthia R. Wutchiett, CPA Management