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Aslan S, Er�nal-Maral N, Findik M, et al.

Terminating unwanted pregnancies in queens is a rather frequent demand in small animal practice. The aim of the present clinical study is to evaluate effectiveness, as well as incidence of adverse side effects, of cabergoline treatment in queens. Starting on days 30 to 45 of pregnancy we treated 10 animals with 15 �g/kg Cabergoline (Galastop) per os. Mean age of the cats was 13.8 � 4.7 months (range 10-24 months). After a treatment over 5.3 � 1.0 days (range 4-7 days) 8 (80 %) queens exhibited abortion. Termination of pregnancy was successful when it was started between days 30 and 42, but failed when it was performed later (day 45). Two cats returned to oestrus and became pregnant on days 9 and 13 post abortion. The incidence of adverse side effects was rather low and involved 3 queens vomiting after their initial treatment with cabergoline. Termination of unwanted pregnancies by cabergoline in pregnant queens is effective and safe. That the results of the treatment are better in an earlier stage of pregnancy is inconsistent with our experiences with the bitch, and needs further investigation.

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