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Mutilations in Companion Animals: The European Situation

Ray Butcher United Kingdom

The political and legislative situation within Europe is perhaps difficult for a non-European (and indeed a European!) to understand. This does however have a significant impact on the welfare legislation of its member countries, as well as those new countries that have applied to join the proposed enlarged EU.

The European Union structure

As a brief pre-amble to the presentation, it is intended to:

1.   Summarise the European Union Structure (with relevance to welfare).

2.   Discuss how laws / conventions of the EU are translated into National Law.

3.   The effects on surrounding countries on proposed EU enlargement.

The complex political structure of the EU is mirrored by an equally confusing European veterinary scene. The veterinary input into the EU system will be discussed.

1.   The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

2.   The aspects of this convention related to mutilations will be described. Sadly, all members have not signed the convention at this time, and so the legislation throughout Europe is not uniform.

3.   The current situation will be presented.

The Convention is due for review and the current European veterinary opinion will be discussed.

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