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Breed Specific Email Communication

Happy birthday! Merry Christmas! Joyful… Arbor Day? Whatever your preferred celebration, we’ve got an early gift for YOU from us, and it’s a whopper:

Your VetTools service now includes at no extra charge:

collage of pets

We’re thrilled to offer this exciting new feature to VetTools users at no additional cost. That’s right - this upgrade is free. Why? It’s just our way of thanking you for your loyalty and for using VetTools. You’re awesome and we appreciate you. It’s that simple!

This new feature means your pet-specific email messages like service reminders, appointment confirmations and follow-ups, survey and review invitations, and Caremails will include a beautiful, professional quality photo representing the pet’s breed - or, in the case of Domestic Shorthair/Medium-Longhair cats, coat length and color.

Here's a sample:

email message sample

We’re pleased to offer over 180 breed-specific dog and cat images, PLUS 50 color, pattern, and coat length-specific images for our Domestic Shorthair and Medium-Longhair cat friends. Dogs and cats of mixed and rarer breeds will continue to see very cute random pet images in their email messages, just as they do now.

These breed-specific pet images are a terrific way to grab your clients’ attention visually and help provide the personal touch to make your clients feel great about your practice. After all, who doesn’t smile when they see a pet that looks like their own best buddy?

woman sitting with cat and dog

You don’t have to do a single thing to start using this new feature; we will automatically add this free upgrade to your account.

We hope you and your clients enjoy this fun new addition to your VetTools service. Thank you again for choosing VetTools!

The VINx Team

POSTED BY VINx in What's New on April 10, 2018