I was researching pain meds for pancreatitis, and came across an article I wanted to save. I almost printed it for the paper record, but instead I decided to save it in "My Stuff" since if I want it again it's likely to be for another patient. So I was saving it and was asked if I wanted to associate it with a specific client or pet! Thinking... "interesting, how does this work?" I said yes. From there I was able to easily call up the day's schedule, select the patient, and now the article is both in MyStuff and also linked to the specific pet any time I open VetTools.

Dr. Lillian Roberts, Practice Owner


Patient care information is coming at you from every angle. VetRecords pulls all of these sources together to make them streamlined and mobile-friendly.

Patients' medical records, anywhere, anytime

Your patients’ medical records are available to you anywhere, anytime. View medical history, rabies tag & microchip numbers, owner contact information, and any of your favorite VIN content you choose to link to specific patient records.

Labwork results on the go

Imagine it’s 9pm on a weeknight and you’ve just gotten the kids to bed. All of a sudden you remember a patient’s lab results were supposed to come in and you forgot to check before you left the office. No worries; VetAnalysis has you covered, and from the comfort of your home. View labwork results, email and print them - even compare them over time and consider possible diagnoses based on Sodikoff’s Laboratory Profiles of Small Animal Diseases.

Online radiology reports + DICOM images

Review your online reference radiology reports and online DICOM images right along with your patients’ records, even from home.

VIN Calculators

Get easy access to the popular VIN calculators with VetCalcs.

High priority patient lists

Keep an easily accessed running list of those patients you want to watch carefully over time with VetWatch.

Quick reference to patients' invoices

Have quick reference to patients’ invoice history ­ items, quantity, and prices ­ right alongside their records with PetReceipts.