Client Interaction

We're new to the VetTools system and I love not having to generate a current email for food recalls, write the e­mail, organize the sending, supply links, etc. Great job!

Dr. Sandy Christmus, Associate

Client Interaction

Seamless features to make your client communication smooth and productive.

Detailed pet ID cards

Print fun and handy pet ID cards for your patients, complete with reminders and key pet information.

Electronic vaccination reports

Email detailed vaccination records to (or for) your clients. No more last minute faxes to the groomer or boarding kennel required!

Personal patient care recommendations for clients

Even well-intentioned pet owners may forget or dismiss your patient care recommendations at times. Use PetEd to reinforce them by emailing Veterinary Partner articles, including images, to your clients. Add a note to make it more personal and relevant to their pet’s needs.

Greeting cards for your patients

What better way to show your clients you're thinking about their pets than by sending a friendly "get well" eCard or a follow-up note with detailed care information? PetCards make it easy.

Online memorials for your patients

Create touching online memorials for your patients with your own words and photos.

Food and treat recall notifications for your clients

Keep your clients informed of important pet food and treat recalls using PetRecalls. Opt in to have all recall notices emailed to your clients, or opt in on an individual recall basis.

Call clients while away from the office

Need to call your clients from home? No problem! Stay in touch with your clients after hours by using VetCalls. Call your clients right from your couch, while your practice's number appears as the caller.

Communicate with clients via text messages

It can be a challenge, keeping track of back-and-forth communication with your clients. Enter VetTexts, a way to communicate with clients via text about appointments, post-surgery updates and check-ins, all managed in one central location. Clients will love how up-to-date you are with technology!