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VetTools Buddy

A long time ago, on my first day training as a veterinary receptionist, I learned a valuable lesson the hard way (why are they never learned the easy way?!). I was eager to please and excited to have landed my dream job, and was having a grand old time greeting clients and their pets. I had been left alone at the reception desk for just a few minutes when an older lady came in holding her sweet little old Miniature Schnauzer.

“Sophie is here for her injection,” she told me softly.

I looked down at the appointment book and saw the letters “PTS” under Sophie’s appointment. Not yet recognizing that abbreviation, I assumed Sophie was there for an allergy injection or something similar. I greeted Sophie and her owner enthusiastically and made a fuss over Sophie’s little tartan outfit. I was upbeat, positively perky, and clueless. When I learned later what “PTS” meant, I was devastated. I could only imagine how incredibly insensitive I must have seemed to Sophie’s mom. No pet owner should have to deal with “perky” on one of the worst days of their lives.

That was the day - my very first day on the job - I learned about the absolute importance of clear, compassionate, quality appointment communications in a veterinary practice.

It was moments like this one that inspired the VINx team, with our collective years of experience in the veterinary world, to create VetTools automated and intuitive appointment communications. We challenged ourselves to save you time and help make your appointments more successful for you, your clients, and your patients. We were certain there had to be a way to make the often tedious, but very necessary process of appointment confirmations and post-visit messages automated, but in a personal way to your clients while remaining true to your practice: your tone, your voice, your protocols, and your preferences.

Meet your practice’s new best friend:

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VetTools Buddy was created to support you and your practice in all key appointment communications - your confirmations and post-visit surveys, reviews, and follow-ups - and to send them out for you automatically, exactly as you want. You can count on your VetTools Buddy to always sound and feel just like your practice, while delivering the messaging just like you’d deliver it yourself.

Think about how much time is spent at your practice every day on appointment communications. What could you do with that time if that task went away? Work on client education? Develop new initiatives to help improve patient visits? Spend more time connecting with clients when they’re in your practice? Maybe even (gasp!) enjoy some extra free time away from work? The sky’s the limit!

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Learn more about how VetTools Buddy can save you time and handle your appointment communications here: VetTools Buddy

Thanks so much for reading and for choosing VINx!

Carrie Christner
Product Manager, VINx

POSTED BY VINx in Stories on April 10, 2018