Smart Pup, Smart Vet

cell phone displaying info with dog in the background

Ready for a true story from a VetTools user? Dr. Michael Goldmann of Nanuet Animal Hospital was working in his yard at home on a weekend when an unaccompanied dog strolled up to say hello. After greeting the mischievous wanderer, Dr. Goldmann checked for identification and noticed the only thing he wore was a rabies tag - from HIS practice. That's right, the roving hound was one of his patients!

Dr. Goldmann couldn't quite put a name to the face (y'know, kind of like that actor… what’s his name?), so he whipped out his cell phone and used his VetTools to perform a search by rabies tag number. Within moments he had the dog's name and his owner's info, including their phone number, and arranged for a happy reunion.

Smart pup, smart vet.

POSTED BY VINx in Stories on April 10, 2018