If there’s one word you should be striving for in all of your client outreach attempts, it’s this one: RELEVANCE

Think about your email inbox, the stack of mail you come home to every evening, even the text messages you receive.

How much attention do you give them if they’re not important or relevant to you? Not much, most likely.

Your clients are the same way. Use VetTools to keep your clients engaged and eager to hear more from you by sending them targeted communications, specific to and appropriate for their pets.

Use the Best Method of Outreach for each client:

Meet Tomas & Tina

Relationship Status: Old Friends

  • Established client, no email address on file
  • Tina last seen 2 years ago for rabies vaccination. Tomas loves Tina, but didn’t know cats should have regular check-ups.
  • Targeted outreach with client education on feline wellness needed.

Tomas calls to book a visit and - per the postcard’s offer - asks the receptionist for tips on making the trip easy for Tina (and him!). Tina’s visit goes smoothly and she’s sent home with a joint supplement and a clean bill of health. Tomas pre-books and looks forward to their next wellness visit. (Tina may still need some convincing).

  • Sent via the method available for Tomas (postal mail)
  • The message is specific and highly relevant to Tomas and Tina. It and is friendly and educational in tone, without scolding or judgment.
  • The practice has strengthened their bond with Tomas by working with him to help make Tina’s visit smooth and low- stress.

Use a targeted outreach campaign already available with your VetTools service, or create your own.

Your VetTools Mass Newsletter Tool gives you the tools you need to create an outreach email and then select recipients based on key factors.

See these features in action!

Meet Anne & Alex

Relationship Status: Adventure Partners

  • Checking email begins and closes out every day for Anne (gotta keep in touch with those grandkids!)
  • Anne and Alex love spending time outdoors together - hiking, the dog park, you name it. They’ve been so busy with outings this spring, Anne’s forgotten to refill Alex’s parasite prevention.
  • Time to remind your dog owners about the importance and value of parasite prevention and recommend your preferred dog-specific preventives to consider.
  • Sent via email so Anne will be sure to read it
  • The message is very appropriate for Anne and Alex and serves as an informative, friendly, and timely reminder
  • Anne will thank you when her friends at the dog park find ticks on their dogs, and Alex is able to enjoy the great outdoors fully parasite-proofed!

VetTools client outreach tools will help make you an inbox superhero!

Keep your communications relevant to your clients and their pets and they’ll be read quickly and considered thoughtfully.


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