VINx made the transition from our previous provider simple and worry-free. One of the greatest advantages so far is their willingness to tailor our postcards and other client correspondence options to our unique needs and goals. It’s amazing to be able to speak to a few consistent people, and to have them willing to work with us to fulfill our specific needs. Even if those needs are not the same as every other hospital. It’s great to be out of the box!

-Dr. Chris Bryant, Practice Owner

Change can be hard. We help make a seamless transition for you, your team, and your clients when switching from other services to PetTools.

Thinking of switching to PetTools from another client gateway/email service? No problem! We’re here to help you with the transition, every step of the way.

  • If you’re undecided, we’re happy to help you compare PetTools features with those of your current service.
  • Once your installation is complete, we’ll do an in-depth training session with you and your team, so everyone feels comfortable with your new PetTools service.
  • After your training session, you’re free to explore your new PetTools service and come back to us with questions – we welcome them!
  • We’ll review your PetSites settings with you so you’re sharing the features and level of information you want to with your clients.
  • Prior to launch, we’ll send your clients a friendly “heads up” email announcement from you letting them know about the upcoming change, and asking them to keep an eye out for their “Welcome to PetSites” email with their login information.
  • When you’re ready, we’ll launch your PetTools service and send out your “Welcome to PetSites” emails. This email also mentions the switch, just in case a client missed that first announcement email.
  • If you’d like, we’ll even remove your prior service’s data transfer software from your server so you’re no longer sharing your data with them.

From start to finish, we’ll make sure the transition for you and your clients is as seamless and pleasant as possible.