My office is in the back of the practice, so I love using VetChat to send quick messages to the front desk team, rather than taking a trip up there every time I need to communicate with them and vice versa. It makes our communication more efficient.

Regina Gibbs, Practice Manager


Keep your practice running smooth and efficiently with VetTools management features.

Staff task lists

Keep your and your staff’s tasks organized and accessible with VetTasks. From patient follow-up to hospital maintenance, this feature is any list-maker’s dream.

Personal schedule management

Use VetDates to coordinate your personal schedule with your appointment schedule.

Easy access to favorite browser bookmarks

Import your favorite browser bookmarks into your VetTools program so you always have them handy.

Live chat communication across your hospital

VetChat makes live communication with your co-workers quick and easy, with a dedicated chat room for your practice.

Consolidated CE courses into a single calendar

VetEducate consolidates multiple CE sources into one central calendar. Filter your search by subject, species, source, online or live, even by location (helloooo, trip to Hawaii! Um, for education).