Use this form if you are ready to move forward with the VINx installation process at your practice.

Please note: This registration form is for veterinarians and their support staff, NOT for their clients. If you are a pet owner and would like your veterinarian to consider using our services, please feel free to give him or her our information. Thank you!

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Please indicate your preferred date & time to schedule your brief (15 minutes) setup appointment (you may list up to three different options; we will contact you with your confirmed appointment day/time):
Setup Appointment
During this brief appointment we will ask you to join an online meeting with us on your server and gather basic information about your hospital, your reference lab login information, and about your server.
- Your attendee does not need to possess any technical knowledge or skill.
- Your attendee should know basic hospital & owner contact information, as well as admin login information to your server.
- Your business does NOT need to be closed for this appointment; it can occur at any time.
If you have an I.T. person with whom you would like us to consult prior to this appointment, please enter his/her contact information here:
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