Love Letters

Sharing the Love

  • Dr. Leslie Jones

    Thank you-we really appreciate all you do-had a client today saying how much they were enjoying their PetSites account! :)

    -Dr. Leslie Jones, Practice Owner

  • Dr. Michael Goldmann

    I'm thrilled!! The PetSites side allows owners to access their pet's records and print their own vaccine certificates. It is easy to have two-way communication between us and the client. The VINx Desktop side gives you lots of VIN integration and other extra features that are nice. We especially like the reminder text service. The programmers are phenomenally responsive and helpful.

    -Dr. Michael Goldmann, Practice Owner

  • Dr. Adrian Kreeger

    “To us the decision to go with PetSites came down to the level of trust that we needed with the company behind the product in order for us to share our patient information with them. VINx, to me, has that level of integrity and trust.”

    -Dr. Adrian Kreeger, Practice Owner

  • Dr. Loretta Carrico

    Thank you guys so much - we are still getting used to VINx and our clients enjoy having the PetSite too. I really love how helpful everyone always is and all the ways you are supporting us to grow our business and client service/client education. You guys are raising the bar for me!!

    -Dr. Loretta Carrico, Practice Owner

  • Dr. Mike Lappin

    You're doing a Great job. Our clients love it!!

    -Dr. Mike Lappin, Practice Owner

  • Dr. William Dunnavant

    The clients love the service and its been fun to do. It looks very professional. We had a client asking to get on yesterday!! They are coming to us asking to join great news!!

    -Dr. William Dunnavant, Practice Owner