PetTools Features

PetTools provides you and your clients with a full suite of tools created based on feedback from the VIN community. We understand that you might only need some of the features and not all of them, so you get to pick and choose which ones work for your practice. Except where noted, all features are included in the pricing.


PetSites features can be customized to fit your practice and can be turned on or off at any time by you.

Email Suite

Customizable email campaigns with everything from reminders to practice promotions.

Facebook Apps

Providing your clients with easy to access Facebook apps helps streamline their communication with you and stay on top of their pet's health.

Mobile Apps

Anywhere, anytime access for your clients to manage their pet's health.

Postcard Reminders

It's tough to stay on top of things sometimes! Help your clients stay on top of their pet's health with PetPost for eye-catching, customizable postcard reminders.


"You do all that?" These features usually get that response, and our answers is always, "Yes, absolutely!".


Change can be hard. We help make a seamless transition for you, your team, and your clients when switching from other services to PetTools.