Thank you-we really appreciate all you do-had a client today saying how much they were enjoying their PetSites account! :)

-Dr. Leslie Jones, Practice Owner

PetSites features can be customized to fit your practice and can be turned on or off at any time by you.

Client access to patient records

Empower your clients with the information they need to be well informed pet owners. Use PetRecords to share key health information with your clients about their pets, which they can access from anywhere, anytime.

Share labwork results with clients

Share patient labwork results with your clients, so they can view it any time for reference and have it on hand in case of emergency. With PetLabs, your clients can view labwork results right along with you when you call to discuss them.

Client appointment requests

Appointments are vital to your practice’s (and your patients’!) health, so let’s make it easy for your clients to request an appointment anytime it crosses their minds. PetVisit enables the client who reads her PetMinder or finds her PetPost postcard at 11pm when your practice is closed to go ahead and request her pet’s appointment, while she’s thinking about it.

Client medication and refill requests

Running out of flea and tick medication can leave your patients itching for a solution. With PetDose your clients can request medication and refills easily from within PetSites website, or even from the road with the PetSites app.

Client food requests

Nutrition is a crucial staple in any animal's life. Help your clients stay stocked up on the right food by offering them food requests with PetEats.

Client boarding stay requests

When your clients go out of town organizing boarding for their loved pets can be stressful. Put their minds at ease by making it easy for them to request boarding with PetStay.

One-click client surveys

Wondering what your clients are thinking? PetOpinions makes it easy to find out. With a simple click of a button, send your clients an email invitation that auto-logs them into their PetSites and starts up your desired survey. Pre-written email templates and surveys are provided for new clients, established clients, and post-visit – or create and use your own email invitation. You can even choose to create a custom survey! Completed PetOpinion surveys are sent to you to review in your VetTools program, where you can view responses on a per client basis or in aggregate form.

Detailed pet ID cards

Let your clients flaunt their pet’s credentials with PetBadge, a handy pet ID card they can design and print themselves. PetBadge includes key patient information, vaccination status, microchip and rabies tag numbers, and of course your practice’s contact information.

Electronic vaccination reports

Is your team tired of those last minute emergency requests to fax a patient’s vaccination certificate to the boarding kennel or groomer? Never again! Your clients can use PetPassport to print or email their pet’s vaccination certificate at their own convenience.

Personal patient care recommendations for clients

Even well-intentioned pet owners may forget or dismiss your patient care recommendations at times. Use PetEd to reinforce them by emailing Veterinary Partner articles, including images, to your clients. Add a note to make it more personal and relevant to their pet’s needs.

Online memorials for your patients

Honor your patients with online memorials dedicated to them. Upload photos, videos, and text, then share the memorials on social media with one click. Both you and your clients can use BelovedPet to help say goodbye.

Give prospective and current clients quick access to your rave reviews

Share your best online reviews to a dedicated page in your PetSites, your practice’s Facebook page, even your website for all your current and prospective clients to read.

Client pet health journal

Your clients will love keeping you updated on their pet’s health at home with PetLog. This pet health journal allows your clients to enter their pet’s vitals, assign values to key items like appetite, activity level, behavior, and eliminations. They can even add notes and photos. Saved PetLog entries are uploaded to your VetTools dashboard for you to review, so you can intervene if you see something troubling.

Pet weight and trends

Dynamic weight graphing over time is an invaluable tool in helping your clients stay on top of their pet’s weight. PetWeight shows historical weight trends and displays weights from your practice management software and PetLogs your clients have submitted. A great tool for any pet weight loss or management program!

Live communication with your clients

Stay in touch with your clients in real time using PetChat. Let your clients chat with a technician about their upcoming visit, or with a receptionist to schedule an appointment. PetChat takes your practice’s accessibility to a whole new level!

Personalized pet photo gallery for your clients

Your clients will love using PetPics to upload adorable photos of their pets, which can then be used as PetProfile photos in their PetSites. This online photo gallery makes your clients’ PetSites a truly personal experience.

Updates on patient and client contact information

PetProfile keeps your practice up to date on your patient and client information. Clients can use PetProfile to let you know when they’ve moved or changed their phone number, always keeping your practice in the loop.

Client access to invoices

Give your clients quick reference to their pets’ invoice history items, quantity, and even prices with PetReceipts. PetReceipts are especially handy to your clients when managing pet insurance claims!

Easy and quick login access to PetSites

No matter how great a client gateway service is, your clients won’t use it if logging in is a chore. With PetAccess, the login process for your clients’ PetSites client gateways is always quick and easy.

Your clients can log in to their PetSites via:

  • Password sent via email or text message
  • Facebook login
  • Amazon login
  • Google+ login
  • Yahoo login
  • PetMinders
  • PetOpinions

They can also save their login information in both the desktop website version of PetSites and the PetSites mobile app.

And don’t forget PetSocial! Your clients can use all of their favorite PetSites features right from your Facebook page, with no additional login required.

A customized seamless brand experience for your hospital

You’ve likely put some - maybe even a lot - of thought into your practice’s branding: your logo, your colors, the look of your website. VetBranding ensures that your efforts have not been in vain! Your practice’s branding and personality is strongly reflected in your PetSites and all communications for a consistent experience for your clients.