Facebook Apps

Thank you guys so much - we are still getting used to VINx and our clients enjoy having the PetSites too. I really love how helpful everyone always is and all the ways you are supporting us to grow our business and client service/client education. You guys are raising the bar for me!!

-Dr. Loretta Carrico, Practice Owner

Facebook Apps

Providing your clients with easy to access Facebook apps helps streamline their communication with you and stay on top of their pet's health.

Facebook apps for your clients

Most of your clients are on Facebook, so why not make it easy for them to interact with your practice while they’re there? PetSocial is a series of Facebook apps you can add to your Facebook page, allowing your clients to use their favorite PetSites features like PetVisit, PetDose, and PetOpinions right within Facebook! For your convenience and ease, PetSocial messages from your clients are routed to your PetNote dashboard in your VetTools program.