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Meet the PetTools Team

  • Paul D. Pion
    Paul D. Pion paul@vin.com 800-700-4636 x103
    and President of VIN

    Paul Pion is the co-founder and president of VIN. Paul and John Dean founded VINx to help VINners build, grow, and nurture their bond with the clients they serve. Their idea was to offer communication and management tools to veterinary professionals in VIN's trusted setting, where their clinic data would only be used for the benefit of that clinic and to grow and enhance medical knowledge for the profession. Paul consults with and acts as an advisor to the VINx team to help ensure that VINx services are in line with VIN's mission and meet (or even better, exceed!) VIN members' expectations. Paul's input on prospective new VINx features and tools from a veterinarian's standpoint is invaluable. He is married to Carla Weinberg, and has three children (Luca, Joel, and Silke Michelle).

  • John Dean
    John Dean johndean@vin.com 800-700-4636 x144

    John Dean co-founded VetVision with Paul Pion in 2006, which became VINx in 2013. Paul and John Dean founded VINx to help VINners build, grow, and nurture their bond with the clients they serve. Their idea was to offer communication and management tools to veterinary professionals in VIN's trusted setting, where their clinic data would only be used for the benefit of that clinic and to grow and enhance medical knowledge for the profession. John now leads VINx and handles escalated support.

  • Carrie Christner
    Carrie Christner carrie@vin.com 800-454-0576 x7
    Product Manager

    A former hospital manager with a long and affectionate history with the veterinary world, Carrie wears a lot of hats at VINx. She creates and manages our PetCampaigns and pet owner newsletters, channels her obsession with reminders to manage and enhance the VINx reminder system, and uses her extensive experience to help define, develop, and launch features and services designed to strengthen relationships between veterinary practices and their clients. Her favorite part of her job is helping veterinarians and their teams solve their practice challenges with VINx solutions. Carrie lives on a small farmette in the country with her beloved menagerie of pets, is a self-professed bookworm (mystery/thriller, please!), and considers every day she doesn't trip on a Beagle to be a triumph.

  • Dave Sepanski
    Dave Sepanski VINxSales@vin.com 800-454-0576 x4
    VINx Director, Business Development

    Dave comes to VINx with over 18 years of sales and business development experience with the past 11 years being in the animal health space. Dave is responsible for educating the veterinary community on the features of the VINx suite of services and showcasing how they can improve practice management, enhance a work/life balance and, most importantly, aid their patients. Dave lives in New Jersey with his wife, daughter and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. In his free time, you can catch him at Yankee stadium taking in a game, going down the Jersey shore or grilling up a storm for friends and family. He also loves to travel and is a die-hard New York Jets fan.

  • Bahaar Cheema
    Bahaar Cheema vinxsupport@vin.com 800-454-0576 x8
    Member Support

    Bahaar's background working in a veterinary hospital and in support for practice management software made her an ideal addition to the VINx team. She is the friendly voice who is there to help VINx users with everything from training to support. Bahaar enjoys the human side of her job as well as getting her geek on when providing technical support. In her free time, Bahaar is a "book junkie" and loves to read as much as she can. Her idea of a relaxing day is hiking at the beach, and thanks to a recent birthday gift from her fellow VINx team members, she now considers herself a wine collector (we've told her that a few bottles of wine in a basket doesn't constitute a "collection"). Bahaar is very close with her wonderful family and is owned by an adorable senior Chihuahua mix named Benji.

  • Raelene Moe
    Raelene Moe vinxsupport@vin.com 800-454-0576 x6
    Member Support

    Raelene, aka "Rae" is our newest VINx team member. A RVT for nearly 30 years working in small animal, equine, mixed and specialty practices as everything from tech to manager, not much in the veterinary world phases Rae! The I.T. side is new to her, though, so she's excited to learn the VINx ropes. Rae loves to spend time with her husband and family enjoying the outdoors – fishing, hiking, and all sorts of activities. She also enjoys indoor hobbies like making crafts and cooking. Rae and her husband share their home with five dogs and seven cats – the joke around the house is that the fur-babies outnumber the human babies at a 4:1 ratio, so clearly math is to blame (not to mention kids who don't take their critters with them when they grow up and leave home). Welcome aboard, Rae!

  • Katie
    Katie Gehin vinxsupport@vin.com 800-454-0576 x3
    Veterinary Relationship Manager

    A former veterinary technician, Katie has been active in and passionate about the field of veterinary medicine for most of her adult life and feels it suits her just perfectly. She's worked just about everywhere in a veterinary practice, from the surgery suite to the front desk to training co-workers, and her veterinary background helps her to quickly understand and address VINx users' needs and challenges. Katie, her boyfriend Steve, and their action-loving Boxer mix Maddison enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, especially hiking and fishing. When the weather gets too cold for even ice fishing, she enjoys crafting projects - some of which, according to Katie, "didn't turn out half bad." (We think we may have seen some on Etsy in the "not half bad" section).

  • Katie
    Erica Hulse vinxsupport@vin.com 800-454-0576 x5
    Member Support

    As a veterinary technician for 20 years, Erica has seen pretty much everything that happens in practice. With a well-rounded background in almost all aspects of the hospital, she brings an understanding of the day to day struggles that occur. She is excited to be working with the VINx team and getting to help practices improve their client relations and balance their time. Erica and her husband love anytime they get to fish. Throughout the year they frequently take advantage of the warm year-round gulf coast weather by kayaking, surf fishing, pretty much anything that involves water. Erica and her husband are owned by Goldens who insist on going to the beach at least once a week. When not in the water, Erica loves to garden and is turning her backyard into a serene tropical oasis.

  • Robin Cloud
    Robin Cloud vinxsupport@vin.com 800-454-0576 x9
    Member Support

    Robin joins VINx from one of our client veterinary hospitals, and fell in love with the VetTools/PetTools suite of services as an Office Manager there. When she was ready for a new challenge in her career she contacted us. We are happy to have her expertise as a user of the program and we anticipate her experience will provide value to all of our clients as they learn and utilize the program in their own practices. Robin shares her home with a rescue dog, two rescue cats, her husband and two daughters. When she's not helping out our clients she enjoys boating/kayaking, hiking with the dog, and going to movies.

  • Jordan benShea
    Jordan benShea vinxsupport@vin.com  
    Strategic Advisor

    Jordan is our go-to strategic marketing resource helping us with everything from content development to brand identity and all the little details in between. Don't get her started on brand consistency because she will happily tell you being a serial observer can come in handy even if it means going over every feature with a fine-tooth comb. An animal lover and beekeeper (VINx team members can attest that her bees make the finest honey in Southern California!), she thrives on finding the best way to share our story and utilize our features for the benefit of the VIN community. Jordan is happiest outside, whether it be learning from her bees or going on an adventure with her dog Zoe.

Email inquiries and support requests can be directed to: VINxSales@vin.com

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