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 Renal Function

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Click on a subject for a list of topics within that subject (as few as one for “Ophthalmology” or as many as 18 topics for “Gastrointestinal Disease.”) The page for that subject will then have a list of topics. Clicking on a topic will take you to a set of questions. Clicking on a question will take you further down the page to that question’s answer;  if you click on a question to go to that answer, clicking on your browser’s “BACK” button will return you to the question you were at. Or, you can scroll down the page yourself (all the answers follow all the questions on the same page).This means you can also tell your browser to print the page, and you will get a hard copy of all the questions followed by all the answers.

Once on a question set page, you have three navigation choices in the left hand margin: Click on “Home Page” to return to this page, click on the button immediately below the Home Page button to return to the list of topics for the overall subject you are in, or click on one of the buttons below that to go directly to another topic within the same subject. When on a Subject Page, you can return to this page by clicking the “Home Page” button in the left hand margin at the top, or go to one of the other Subject Pages by clicking it’s button in the left hand margin.

These questions are copies of questions previously posted seperately on the course boards. They’ve been compiled together for ease of use. If any typos got through in the “translation” to this web site or if anything has since gone out of date, let me know:

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