Together We Can Make a Difference

VIN was founded in 1991 by two academics — Duncan C. Ferguson at University of Georgia and Paul D. Pion at UC Davis.


Faculty and Residents

Why? Simple — because it is the right thing to do.

  • We recognized what we and our colleagues in academia — the information producers for our profession — had to offer our colleagues in practice.
  • As academics who loved to teach, we found the ability to share what we knew and learn from colleagues in practice very rewarding — “students/colleagues” who always wanted to learn because they were seeking information they needed and could apply immediately.
  • When we started interacting with colleagues in practice every day, we realized how isolated we were from the realities of veterinary practice and how much we could learn from our colleagues in practice. As a result we were better prepared to teach our students to be better clinicians.

We invite you to join us. We invite you to participate in VIN.

  • Use your free access to VIN to enhance your teaching of tomorrow's veterinary students.
  • Share your knowledge with the VIN community.
  • Before long, you'll discover that you get as much as you give to VIN.
  • Teach an online CE class (no, we don't expect you to do it for free).
  • Publish your works electronically on VIN.
  • Join the VIN Family of Consultant/Editors.

Take advantage of the power of the VIN community

  • Let us help you collect cases for your research
  • Let us help you collect data by surveying colleagues in practice
  • Tell us how we can help you — if we can, we will.