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Marion E. Smart, DVM, PhD
Professor, Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, CANADA

Education and Training:
D.V.M., University of Guelph, 1968, Veterinary Medicine
Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, 1984, Animal and Poultry Science, Animal Nutrition

Nominated and Featured as 1 of 24 outstanding University of Guelph Alumnus at the University of Guelph 20th anniversary Alumni Celebration, 1988
Medical Research Council Fellowship, 1978-82
Andrew Smith Gold Medal - Highest Award Given to Student Graduating in Veterinary Medicine, 1968
Upjohn Award for Bovine Medicine, 1968

Selected Publications:

  • Smart M.E. 2005 Comparative Study of Veterinary Prescription Diets: Sabbatical Leave Report
  • Smart, M.E., 2001. The Impact of Diesel Fuel and Drilling Mud Contamination on Cattle. Expert Witness Report for Mr. Wayne Hurlburt, Alberta.
  • Smart, M.E., Cymbuluk, N.F., Laarvald, B., 1999. Early Weaning and Dietary Effects on Growth and Hormone Production of Beef Calves. Alberta Research Council Farming for the Future Final Report.
  • Cymbaluk, N.F. and Smart, M.E., 1993. A Review of Possible Metabolic Relationship of Copper to Equine Bone Disease. Equine Veterinary Journal, Suppl. 16, 19-26.
  • Cymbaluk, N.F., Smart, M.E., Bristol, F. and Pouteaux, V., 1993. Importance of Milk Replacer Intake and Composition in Rearing Orphan Foals. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 34, 479-483.
  • Smart, M.E., Cymbaluk, N.F., and Christensen, D.A., 1991. A Review of the Copper Status of Cattle in Canada and Recommendations for Supplementations. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 33, 163-170.
  • Mann, M.E., Cohen, R.D.G., Kernan, J., Nicolson, H., Christensen, D.A. and Smart, M.E., 1988. Feeding Value of Ammoniated Lentil, Flax, Wheat Straw and Chaff to Wintering Beef Cattle. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 18.
  • Smart, M.E., Cohen, R.D., Christensen, D.A. and Williams, C.M., 1986. The Effects of Sulphate Removal from the Drinking Water on the Plasma and Liver Copper and Zinc Concentrations of Beef Cows and Their Calves. Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 66, 669-680.
  • Bourque, J.G., Smart, M.E. and Wobeser, G., 1986. Case Report: Monensin Toxicity in Lambs. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 27, 397-399.
  • Smart, M.E. and Christensen, D.A., 1985. The Effects of Cow's Dietary Copper Intake, Sire Breed, Age on Her Copper Status and That of Her Fetus in the First Ninety Days of Gestation. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine, 49, 156-158. (55 reprint requests)
  • Smart, M.E., Gudmundson, J. and Christensen, D.A., 1981. Trace Mineral Deficiencies in Cattle: A Review. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 22, 372-376. (52 reprint requests)

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